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My Outlook



In a democratic system, a representative of the people is an important link between the common people and the Government. In democratic form of governance, the political leadership formulates policies and programmes for the welfare and better living of the people. The bureaucracy implements the decisions of the political leadership. While implementing the welfare measures, the bureaucracy many a time harass the weak in society. The role of peoples’ representative, whether of ruling party or opposition, plays a key role here. He takes the cause of the weak with the political leadership and press for justice

I have followed this outlook during all my three tenures as MLA of Malakpet constituency in Hyderabad. I was available to the people of my constituency round the clock, all the 7 days of every week.

A suburban constituency such as Malkajgiri faces serious problems because of lopsided development. The development could not cope up with the pace of migration. Underground drainage, roads, street lighting, drinking water supply, sprawling slums, lack of affordable medical facilities, cheaper transportation, supply lines of essential commodities such as milk, vegetables and fruits make the lives of residents miserable. I shall put in all my energies to make the living conditions of my constituency reasonably comfortable and pleasant.